Thoracic outlet syndrome what is thoracic outlet syndrome? Thoracic outlet syndrome affects the shoulder, arm, hand or all three locations. Symptomsare caused by compression of the nerves in the brachial plexus (nerves that pass into the arms from the neck) or blood vessels. The hand pain is usually most severe in the fourth and fifth fingers. The pain is aggravated by the use of the arm, and “fatigue” of the arm is often prominent. Causes or thoracic outlet syndrome include trauma to the head or neck area, a fracture of the first rib or clavicle, poor posture, or subluxation of the cervical vertebrae. Symptoms hand, arm, shoulder and neck pain numbness and tingling of the neck arms and hands muscle weakness reflex loss hot and cold sensations swelling â  treatment options active release technique (art). Physical therapy. Thoracic outlet syndrome | advanced rehabilitation austin tx our staff free injuryevaluation â  services active release technique (art) chiropractic care physical therapy massage therapy acupuncture anodyne therapy decompression therapy biomechanics trigger point technology symptoms achilles tendonitis ankle sprain calf strain carpal tunnel syndrome hamstring strain hip flexor pain iliotibial band syndrome lumbar disc syndrome mid-back and neck pain patellar tendonitis piriformis syndrome plantar fasciitis rotator cuff syndrome sacroiliac dysfunction sciatica shin splints shoulder dislocation shoulder impingement shoulder separation tennis elbow tension headaches thoracic outlet syndrome whiplash patient info new patient forms financial responsibility patient faq faq contact/locations downtown east austin south austin north austin cedar park careers call now: (512)467-1100   equest an appointment name: phone: mobile: email: zip code: symptoms, comments, questions: enter the characters below:  please add me to your newsletter privacy statement – we do not share or sell your personal information to any third party. Sk about active release technique estimonials follow us on twitter join us on facebook! Home services symptoms patient info faq contact/locations partners careers news all content © advanced rehabilitation • 911 w. Anderson ln. Suite 103, austin, tx, 78757 austin chiropractor and austin sports medicine site design by austin seo consultants.                           treatment what is the treatment? viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription The diagnosis is therapy, because these patients may go to numerous doctors but the diagnosis is not entertained. The patient becomes disapp.

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